History of Modern India Part 9

History of Modern India Part 9

History of Modern India Part 9

They thought that Gandhiji had come here only to save the Muslims because Calcutta had joined India. So on the same night, hundreds of Hindu extremists gathered outside the Haideri Manzil. He shouted slogans and said to Mahatma Gandhi, “Why are you here?” Why don’t you go to the places where Hindus are being evicted and where they are being persecuted? To this Mahatma Gandhi replied that I have come here not only for the Muslims but also to help the Hindus. On this the Hindu extremists said get out of here.

We don’t need you Mahatma Gandhi replied that you can stop me from my work, you can kill me but you cannot call me an enemy of Hindus, I do not accept this accusation. However, the demonstration ended shortly after and the Hindu extremists dispersed peacefully. The next day the same Hindus gathered again and argued with Mahatma Gandhi again. It was the night of August 14.

Gandhiji responded to their objections and finally succeeded in winning their hearts. The extremist Hindus who had come to fight him started singing his praises. One of them shouted, “This man is a magician.” The person who was saying this was so impressed with Mahatma Gandhi that Haideri became the guard of the destination. Thus Dosto Gandhiji and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy started their efforts to make Calcutta peaceful by making Haideri Manzil the center.

His efforts really created an atmosphere of peace in Calcutta which made it seem as if there would be no more riots. Lord Mountbatten, the first Governor General of India, was also praising Mahatma Gandhi’s efforts. He said that we have deployed 55,000 troops in Punjab but in spite of this riots are taking place there. But in Bengal our army consists of only one young man and there is no commotion.

“I salute this young army and its second-in-command, Mr. Suhrawardy,” he said. Meanwhile, while Mahatma Gandhi was still in Calcutta , the historic moments of August 14 and 15 came when Pakistan and India became independent. Independence Day was celebrated in both countries and we have shown its story in the first video of this series.

But friends, Gandhiji did not celebrate in the joy of freedom. On the night between the 14th and 15th of August, when the celebrations were taking place in Delhi and Nehru was delivering his speech, Gandhiji was seemingly sleeping a deep sleep in the Hyderabad floor of Calcutta. However, on the occasion of independence, Mahatma Gandhi was definitely remembered in Delhi.

When independence was declared at midnight and in the Indian Parliament with the sound of conch shells , slogans like “Gandhi Ki Jai Ho, Gandhi Ki Jai Ho” were also chanted. After the Independence Day celebrations in Parliament, Pandit Nehru formally invited Lord Mountbatten to become the Governor General of India. On this occasion, Mountbatten also remembered Mahatma Gandhi.

He said that at this historic moment we should not forget what Gandhiji did for India. He said that Gandhiji ensured India’s independence through non-violence. We are missing them today because they are not here. So, friends, Mahatma Gandhi was being remembered in Delhi, but on the other hand, in Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi’s life was in grave danger. And they were attacked by a group at night.

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It so happened that on the night of August 31st, Hindu youths suddenly attacked the Haideri floor and smashed the windows of the house by throwing bricks. These people had come to avenge the murder of a Hindu and were blaming the Muslims for it. They thought that Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy and other Muslims were still present in the courtyard of the same building. The commotion opened Mahatma Gandhi’s eye.

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